Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unsucessful hunt

Today I spent about 8 hours on the Fraser hunting sturgeon. We launched the boat at the Fort Langley launch only to turn right around due to my lack of brains.. I had forgot my life jacket. In fact I had left it in Coquitlam. I was not going to drive all the way home and waste time fishing so off to Army and Navy to purchase a new one... 

After the little detour, it is back on the water. At first we tried pink salmon belly (as it has proven sucessful a few days ago). We had a few quick hits but could not stick the hook. A few location changes up stream and trying roe and even eulechon produced the same results.. nothing... a couple of quick small hits but no love from the mighty sturgeon.

We decided to head back down river after scouting up the Stave river for future adventures. We were cruising along down stream when I spotted a couple of seagulls bobbing along and pecking at something. FLOATER!  A Quick detour across the river and we have located what we hoped to be the golden bait. A very dead, bloated and very stinky sockeye floating down the river. We quickly grabbed it over the side of the boat. Lacking a decent sized bag we opted to cut chunks out of the bad smelling floater rather than dragging into the boat.

The next drop of our lines had lots of promise. We now had what we thought was the bait of the day... the ticket for us to catch some sturgeon.  This however was not to be as we again came up empty handed in another three locations that have produced fish for me in the past.

The day ended with no fish and some nice sun burns from the beautiful weather. However we laughed it off and vowed to return another day to find more sturgeon. Another good day on the water.

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