Monday, August 12, 2013


Yesterday I had the opportunity to head out to T10 to fish for springs. T10 is just off the coast near the Vancouver airport (if you are unfamiliar with it). This was my first trip out there and my first trip fishing with down riggers. I'm more of a lakes and rivers kind of guy. Anyway, we arrived at the boat (not my boat unfortunately) and loaded up our gear. A quick trip out, drop the crab trap, and we went to the fishing destination. There were a few other boats out but it wasn't too busy. I started with a herring on the end of my line and on the other down rigger we tried a green and #4 silver coyote spoon.

We didn't stay out too long as the light was steadily fading but we did manage to hook a wild coho jack on the coyote spoon ( which was gently released) at about 40 ft in around a hundred feet of water.  That was our only fish of the day, but we were happy we got something.

It was a pleasant evening out and proved to be a good learning experience. On our way back in we picked up the crab trap to find four undersized crabs. Back into the water they went and we were on our way back to the shore.

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