Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fraser River Sturgeon

Tonight I went for a quick trip out on my brother in law's boat looking for sturgeon. We put in at the Fort Langley launch and went up stream from there.

I knew of a few local spots to try so we set out in hopes of hooking up with some hard fighting fish. He was casting spoons for salmon as the Fraser was set to be closed later tonight for all salmon fishing.

My first drop of the sturgeon rig had eulechon as the bait. Nothing fancied the bait. On the other side of the boat, my brother in law was soon into a small pike minnow  which he landed and we converted into bait for the sturgeon rod. Again nothing wanted the new, fresh, bait....
A while passed and I decided to change up baits again. This time I tried to entice the sturgeon with a nice piece of pink salmon belly I had kept from previous salmon fishing adventures. The reason I didn't use it first was it had not poduced the day before when I went sturgeon fishing from shore the day before. Anyway, this bait seemed to be the right bait on the menu. A couple of minutes later my rod tip starts dancing and it was fish on! The bite was aggressive and the fish was full of energy. After a few good runs I had the little guy to the boat. It was just under 4 foot. Took a quick pic and sent it back into the river.

Not a bad trip to the river. Only landed one sturgeon but we were not out there too long. I guess with the closure of the whole fraser to salmon fishing there will be a lot more room to go for sturgeon....

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