Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Squamish Pinks on Green.

Today started early. Today started with a trip to the Squamish River to chase pink salmon on the fly. I arrived at the river early in the morning and stayed away from the handful of people who had beat me there.
Out came my fly rod and I tied on a small pink fly. It took two casts for me to realize pink was not going to show up well in the coloured up water. A change of fly colour was on the menu. I opened my fly box and pulled out the same fly, different colour. I went with bright chartreuse and it paid off. I fished a nice section of the river where the fast water met a slight bay creating some slack water and a nice seam.

It was not long until I was into my first of many fish. Throughout the morning I proceeded to land 23 fish and lost many more. The river was full of fish and it took some concentration to not foul hook the fish. In the end I only foul hooked 3 fish. Not bad considering how thick the schools were in the river. The majority of the fish "caught" around me were foul hooked. At one point I even heard a guy up stream yell "Hey! Look at this, it's even hooked in the mouth!"

The fish were traveling tight to the shore and there were plenty of fresh fish pushing through if you knew where to look for them. It was also good to see many dads out there taking their kids fishing. The smile on the faces of the kids as they caught fish was priceless.

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