Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kootenay Caddis

Currently I am on a 5 day trip fishing the West Kootenay region of BC. I am staying in Castlegar, right on the Columbia River. At this time of year there is an amazing caddis hatch that goes on in the river and the trout know it. In the evenings the water boils with rising trout and I bounce with excitement and anticipation. I fished the latter half of the day yesterday after a long 7 hour drive. Upon arriving I found the river to be quite high so casting a fly from shore would prove difficult, although not impossible. I unpacked the car and went straight to the river and set up my 6wt fly rod to the sounds of trout slashing at caddis on the surface. The fly rod proved to be frustrating as the fish apparently did not want any of the flies I was trying so I thought I would try   something completly different. Out came the spinning rod with a small silver hammered croc spoon with an orange stripe. Well it didn't take long for these aggressive trout to take a whack at it and I was soon into some fish. Biggest for the day was 20 inches and put up quite the aerial acrobatic display.

Today is another day and we will see where it takes me and my fly rod.

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