Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Early start

Today I got up super early to go midweek pink fishing. I drove out to furry creek to fish the end of the outgoing and into the incoming tide. I started on the fly and had one hit and one hook up. Unfortunately it spat the hook pretty quick.

There were BIG schools of pinks swimming through the area, unfortunately too far to fly cast to from shore. Luckily I took a gear rod too. It didn't take long on the gear and I had a fish to hand using the usual Croc spoon. Got some video on my gopro and released the fish. The excitement was followed by a lul in the action u til the tide started to really come in, then the action picked up.

Today ended with over ten fish hooked (lost count) but only two to hand. For some reason I would get them a little over half way in and then they would spit the hook. I blame it on the fact I was using a gear rod and not on the fly.

Beautiful day out and lots of fun catching those

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