Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beach fishing

Well yesterday I went out to fish from the beach in West Vancouver in hopes of hooking into some early pink salmon or a coho. I arrived at my destination and put on my waders in the blistering heat. I was instantly over heating but soon I was standing in the nice cool ocean. There were not many risers around but I knew there should be fish in the area. I have been doing a lot of Fly Fishing lately so I opted for a change of pace and went with a spinning rod and a lure to try entice the fish.
The fishing was slow, I saw one other guy catch a pink further down the beach and a couple on the nearby boats.
However, the day was not a total loss. I did manage one pink that put up a quick scrappy fight only to spit the hook right at my feet. I also managed to find a five dollar bill floating along (what are the chances of that?). I instantly had thoughts of all those movies where the character in the movie notices a single bill floating in the ocean along a beach only to look a bit further and find a briefcase full of money washing ashore... no such luck for me but I did pick up the five

Over all a beautiful evening to be out fishing. I think this weekend I will head a little further up the coast to try find greater numbers of money... err .. fish

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