Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Furry Creek

A bit late with this post, but better late than never.

My adventures in fishing took me to a couple new loctions this past weekend. I fished Howe Sound at Furry Creek from the beach on the fly. The target species was pink salmon and I got there rather early in the morning, just as it started getting light out. The ocean was calm and the tide was out. A few fish splashed giving me hope and making me excited and eager to cast my fly into the unkown territory. I waded out into the shallows and stripped some line off my reel in preparation of my first cast. It wasn't long before I got my first strike. Unfortunately for me it didn't result in a hook up but shortly after another strike resulted in a pink salmon trashing on the surface with my pink clouser fly in it's lip. A few brief headshakes and a couple of splashes and the fish came unbuttoned and said goodbye.
Not many fish were being caught on the beach, a few here and there but nothing consistent. My mind wandered to the beautiful scenery around me only to have my attention snapped back by the feeling of weight on the end of my line. I reactively set the hook and the battle was on. My fishing partner did a quick false cast and shot his line out to hopefully connect with others in the passing school... then WHAM.. we now had a double header. After a well fought battle we both got our dime bright fish to hand and snapped some photos.
The rest of the morning resulted in one more brief hook up and a couple of missed strikes. Things died down and we decided to head to the Squamish river, 15 minutes down the highway, to see if there were any fish there.

I had never fished the Squamish river but had heard about how beautiful it was. The tales were not wrong. It is a fantastic river with spectacular views all around. The fishing was a little difficult as the water was high, fast and dirty as well as the difficulty of an increasing wind. We fished it for a while,  saw now risers and only saw a couple of fish caught by other anglers. However, despite the lack of fish in the river, the experience was a positive one. I got to fish a beautiful new river and I will have a  better idea of where to go next time.

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