Sunday, May 5, 2013

A hot day on the river

Last week was one of those rare weeks that I dont get out fishing. So this week I was eager to get out. Currently we are experiencing our first batch of hot weather for 2013. Boy was it hot on the river today!  I decided sturgeon would be the target species of the day so I went to my usual spot in Maple Ridge. Unfortunately,  despite getting up early,  someone beat me to my usual spot so I had to make due with a more snaggy spot just up stream. Well fortune was on my side as I hooked and landed a 3 1/2 footer on half an eulechon within 15 minutes of wetting my line. Then.... nothing... so I switched baits to roe... nothing. .. so I switched to lamprey... nothing... back to eulechon.... nothing... The day went on and it got hotter and hotter. Despite the fact I slathered myself in sunscreen a few times during the day,  I could feel myself burning. The guys who beat me to my spot were now leaving. They were skunked. I decided to move down stream to my usual hole,  right where the other two had been all day. I told myself one cast to see if they missed anything and then im heading home. Long story short, I pulled a very healthy,  plump, 5 footer. I had hooked it in less than twenty minutes of trying my usual spot. Again,  the bait was eulechon. And that is why I like that location,  it seems to produce some decent sized fish on a regular basis. Anyway,  next weekend is going to be a busy one but hopefully I will get out. I might take my kids sturgeon fishing if the weather cooperates.

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