Sunday, May 12, 2013

Busy weekend

Well this weekend was a busy one. Saturday was my daughter's 4th birthday and Sunday was Mother's Day. The birthday girl requested a fishing trip with her dad... obviously I "reluctantly" accepted... Ha! Actually I was excited to take her. Taking my kids fishing is so much fun and very rewarding when you see the look on their faces when they catch or help catch a fish. This weekend was no different. We caught two fish. The first was a 3 foot sturgeon,  a rather scrappy one,  which my daughter eagerly pet and said hello with before we sent it back into the river. The second was a 5 foot sturgeon that she did not want to go near. I suppose when the fish you land is bigger than you,  it can be a little intimidating. Both fish were caught on eulechon and put up a great fight. I'd like to thank my youngest daughter for helping me land the fish by lending me her strong muscles and holding the rod with me.

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