Monday, April 22, 2013


Yesterday was a sturgeon fishing kind of day. I went out with a fellow angler on his boat with the thought of giant sturgeon nibbling on the 9/0 hook I had tied on. I got to the launch early in the morning  just as the rain began. Where had this rain come from?  I thought it was supposed to be a nice day!  At least I have a good rain jacket,  considering the boat had no cover,  it looked like I would need it. We anchored up in the mission area and the rain fell harder... then the wind picked up. It was bitterly cold.
Long story short,  the weather for most of the day was cold,  windy and wet. Although it did get beautiful and sunny for the last couple of hours on the water. Over all we landed 6 sturgeon. The biggest was 5'2" which I caught with freezing cold and numb hands. All the fish were caught on chum roe which was surprising considering the eulechon run should be happeing right now and is usually the bait of choice at this time of year.

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