Monday, April 8, 2013

Tying flies

Today I am at home sick. I wish I was well enough to get out fishing but it wont be time wasted. I decided to tie some flies for a trip I am hoping to take in the summer to fly fish the West Kootenays. The trip will hopefully land me in the thick of the caddis hatch on the Columbia river. In preparation for the trip I started tying some caddis flies. Of the two flies in the picture,  the one with the red butt section has proven a productive emerger pattern. The other foam head emerger is one I would like to try this year. These two flies are just the start of the variety of flies I will be taking.
Here are the recipes if you want them.

Red butt emerger caddis:

Hook - size 10 or 12 nymph hook 2xL
Butt section - red polypropylene yarn
Body - Lt. Olive hare tron dubbin
Hackle - speckled brown hen saddle hackle
Head - 1/8 gold bead (or peacock herl depending on desired sink rate)

Foam head emerger caddis

Hook - size 8 mustad c49s
Underbody - Lt yellow polypropylene yarn
Body - clear medium v-rib
Under hackle - brown cdc
Head - black hareline dubbin
Hackle - natursl grizzly soft hackle
Foam head - tan sheet foam

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