Sunday, October 20, 2013

Salmon and Sturgeon

Yesterday I once again braved the dry October weather we have been having to fish the Stave river. It has been so tough this fall with all the Sunny and dry weather we have been having (insert sarcastic grin here). Yesterday was dry and quite foggy on the river. I arrived when it was still dark and was greeted by the hordes of people that had beat me there, or possibly had slept at the river. Either way it was looking like it would be a busy day of fishing.
I fished for coho for the first hour or so and managed only one jack on the roe I was drifting. When the crowds began to get too much for me I went for a walk to find more seculded water and caught a bunch of chum salmon on purple over pink jigs.
It was then time to head for sturgeon. When I arrived at the location there was someone in the spot I wanted to fish. He was fishing for salmon. I fished further up and had a couple small hits but no fish. When the guy left I moved into my preferred location and switched up to chum roe (I was using chum belly strips). Chum roe was the ticket as I was soon getting bites. The bites began soft and then turned to strong hits. I proceeded to land two 4' sturgeon and one 3' sturgeon all on roe within 5 minutes of each other. The action was fast and effective. So important, when sturgeon fishing, to have the right bait!
I left shortly after landing the third fish as I ran out of time and had to head home. Another good day out.

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