Saturday, October 26, 2013

Low water; chum fishing; and spey casting

Today began with a late start. I didn't get to the Stave river until 9:15am. My wife dropped me off and went off shopping with my daughters who chose shopping over fishing. When I arrived at the river I was surprised by how low it was. I started down low and due to the low water I was able to cross the braids to acess a few islands. It wasn't long before I found some fish. I was drifting jigs and swinging a fly on my spey rod. Both methods produced and I was able to land my first ever fish on the spey; a nice chrome chum doe. I was very happy with the performance of my spey rod and reel. The reel was silky smooth with the fish on peeling line. I now feel like I am able to cast half decent. With a little fine tuning I will be looking at increasing the distance of my casts. I did recieve some good advice on casting that proved to be very valuable. I was told to take a look at my grip on the rod. Apparently it is common for beginners to over grip (too tightly) the cork. I was told to be gentle and hold it loosely, let the rod do the work. The advice paid off and I felt much more competent casting today. The casts layed out on the water much better.

As the water rose more fresh fish pushed in. I was happy to catch quite a few chrome fish barely showing their bars. I even retained two for the smoker and some fresh roe.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather we are having. It won't be long before the weather turns and the salmon begin to die off.

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