Monday, October 14, 2013

A day on the Stave River

What a beautiful day today! It was foggy at first but that soon burned off. The sun was out and the sky was clear. I fished the Stave River from first light until the afternoon with my drift rod. The morning proved productive for coho jacks with three hooked drifting roe in some slack water. As the morning progressed and the hordes of people arrived I started my trek to more secluded areas. I don't like fishing crowded spots and boy were most spots crowded. The Stave is getting busier and busier every year.

My next stop was further down stream tight up against a bank. I rigged up a jig under my float and began dead drifting it through the run. It wasn't long before I was into the first of many chum salmon. I lost count of how many chum I caught by the time I left. My arms were tired and my smile was big.

It was a great day on the river.

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