Friday, March 21, 2014

Long spey day

Today I fished the Vedder river again. Starting near Peach Road I fished a pink and purple intruder style fly through some pretty fishy looking water. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day. Although, my fishless streak with regards to steelhead continues as I didn't touch one all day. I fished up to Alison pools and back again, and the water conditions were excellent.
Early in the day I did land a bull trout in the Peach road area, so at least the day was not fishless. The bull was fooled by the pink and purple intruder style fly that was swung through the tail out of a side channel. Poor trout was having a rough time, displaying some talon marks on its back from a run in with a bird of prey. On a side note,  for those of you that pursue steelhead on the fly, if you are getting into bull trout don't be discouraged as you are fishing the right kind of water.
Another good day out, and a lot of good spey casting practice.

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