Tuesday, March 18, 2014

After the rains

The second half of the weekend brought rains to the Vancouver area and the rivers bumped up in water level. I managed to get out fishing again yesterday on the Vedder River in Chilliwack. The rains had stopped and the river level had peaked and was beginning to descend.  I was hopeful for a dry fun day walking the river.
I arrived early in the morning, just after first light. To my delight, there were not many people on the river fishing. It could be due to it being a Monday morning and most people were heading to work. My first stop was on the lower river in a few runs I had seen a number of fish landed a couple days before. I had decided to take my center pin instead of my spey rod this time and I drifted roe through a few good runs with no results. The river was up quite a bit from my last outing and the visability was around 6 inches. These were my excuses for not touching any fish. I made the decision to move up river to see if I could find some clearer water.

After a quick drive up river I hiked I to a spot above the clay slide area. For any of you that frequent this river you know of the slides and the chocolate milk they spew into the river after a good rain fall. The question on my mind was will getting above the slides produce clearer water? The answer was at the end of a long hike and the answer was yes. The visibility was about 2 feet up above the slides. I fished through a few good runs, admired the beautiful surroundings, the fresh snow on the mountains and the lack of people on the river.
Unfortunately the day ended empty handed. However the weather, despite its best efforts of a few rain drops and snow flakes, held and I even saw a bit of the sun. Stay tuned as I am hoping to get another day this week to get out steelheading, and I hear sturgeon fishing is starting to heat up. I just got a new lever drag sturgeon reel and it needs to see some action soon!

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