Saturday, January 4, 2014

Back at it

After taking a little time off away from the water, I went for my first trip out this year. The trip was to the Vedder and was supposed to be yesterday but the day before that saw torrential rain so I figured the river would blow out. It was blown yesterday but the water level today was on the drop. A dropping river after a bump in water level is exactly what I wanted, hoping that a push of fresh fish came in with the rain.
It was a beautiful sunny day with a bit of a chill in the morning. In fact, the guides on my spey rod and the line started to ice up a bit early on. As soon as the sun came up over the mountains the frost began to disappear and the frozen guides were no more. I flogged the water I  various locations in the mid to lower river to no avail. First thing in the morning I saw a guy land a nice chrome hatchery steelhead just down from where I was and I did see one wild steelhead caught and released across the river from me a little later on. I also stumbled on a few coho huddled up in  their reds looking a little rough and worn.
It is still early in the season and I am hoping to get out for steelhead a decent ammount this year. If the weather stays as it was today I will be happy.

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