Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thick with fish

Set my alarm for an early start this morning. The plan was to get to the Vedder river in Chilliwack for first light to try hook into some springs and coho. That was the plan anyway... unfortunately my body decided to sleep through my alarm and I didn't wake up until 7:30 am. Well.. better  late than never. I grabbed my things and drove the long drive to the river.

Fishing today was interesting. The river is so loaded with pink salmon it is difficult to get around them and target other species. I managed to land a few pinks, which was inevitable,  but no springs or coho. I was drifting procured roe again, as my shoulder is a little sore. On a more positive note the rain held off for the most part. There were only a few sprinkles of rain here and there. I didn't even take my sunglasses because of the rain in the forecast and then of course the sun came out and it would have been nice to have them.
I am now looking forward to increasing numbers of coho and the arrival of chum salmon. I need to try out my new spey rod.

On a side note. I stopped off at the Stave  river on the way home to seeing any fish were showing. They were letting out a ton of water out of the dam so the water was not as low as I thought it would be. I didn't fish the river but watched the water for a while, looking for risers. Nothing was showing. I'm sure they will be there soon though.

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