Monday, May 22, 2017


This weekend was a long weekend and I decided to brave a local lake. As I suspected the lake was busy with a full campsite and lots of boats on the water. Not my favorite way to fish but the weather was great and it was nice just to be out on the water.

Beyond the happiness of just being out there was some frustration. It's spawning time for the rainbows in the lake so the fishing was slow. Not only that it was disapointing to see crowds of people trying to catch the rainbows in the shallow water as they did their procreation dances. The optimist in me hopes they just didn't know any better.

On a comical note, when I was taking my pontoon out of the water at the boat launch there was a big "tough" guy swearing up a storm, acting all macho until I pointed out a little garter snake swimming eight feet off shore. Well, he started swearing, cursing and threatening the little snake with a look of fear in his eyes. He backed up the bank and nervously watched as it swam by praying it would not go in his boat, with a paddle in handready to give it a whack if it came too close. I just smiled and tried to contain my amusement.

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