Monday, May 23, 2016

Too many project.

Too amny projects to do. Thats what uas got in the way of me fishing. It has also been far too long since I have written on my blog. I have managed to get out fishing this spring. I took a trip to Dragon lake in Quesnel for the day, fished for bull trout on the Nechako River in Vanderhoof and most recently a morning trip to Cobb Lake.
Dragon was a beautiful lake, big rainbows and tight lips. Saw some amazing fish cruise by but none that wanted to play so there isn't much to say there.

The Nechako proved to be fruitful this spring, just after ice off. I found some riffles where the bull trout were hiding and landed six of them unfortunately the biggest popped the hook. A bulldog fly, similar to a redish brown wooly bugger, was the ticket and the takes were aggressive.
Cobb lake was an early morning trip today. I took my pontoon out and found many rising fish early. I lost track of the number of rainbows I caught, and even managed one brookie. All were caught on a black doc spratley fly both trolling and anchored and casting to risers. As the campers started to head on to the lake after their late breakfast the bite slowed.

Unfortunately fishing has had to take a back seat to building a chicken coop, but that will be done soon and the local rivers and streams are opening soon.

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