Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Carp frustrations

This past week I have been in Osoyoos, BC visiting family. Of course I took a fly rod with me just in case I had time to get out fishing. Well this morning I had a bit of time so off I went. I found a nice spot along a canal, parked my truck and went for a walk. I hadn't gone far when I spotted a handful of carp ranging from around four to seven pounds cruising in a clear pool.

Figuring they would be fun to hook on the fly I began chucking feathers at them. Although, I didn't really come prepared to fly fish for carp. I tried a bunch of different flies but couldnt spark their interest. Cursing myself for not bringing a gear rod with some bait (a method of fishing carp I am much more familiar and sucessful with) I walked the dike a bit. I fished a few more pools and saw some real nice big carp but as with the first pool I couldnt convince any to dance. I did manage to hook a small bass, but that's all I could manage.

Feeling a bit defeated I left to join the family at the lake, already plotting for the next time we are in Osoyoos visiting. Next time I come prepared for carp fishing.

Can you see the carp in the picture?

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