Saturday, May 9, 2015

One of THOSE days

I had one of THOSE days today. No not an everything going wrong, nothing going my way sort of days. One of those fishing days where no matter where you toss your fly your going to get into fish.

This weekend is the nicest weather we have had this year, it hit 23 degrees and I slept in. I knew I was planning on getting to a lake today to toss a fly but neglected (on purpose) to set an alarm. By the time I got up, loaded my gear and pontoon into the truck and made my way to the lake it was nearing noon.
The lake of choice was a local one, Cobb lake. I didn't want to travel too far and it has produced for me in the past.

Upon arriving, I noticed two things. One, there were a lot of campers at the lake and two, the fish were rising. I eagerly got myself set up and on the water with my go to generic fly; a black doc spratley size 12. I barely made it a hundred yards and I was into fish. A good start by any standards. I let the fish go and kept rowing to where I wanted to go. Another thirty yards and I had another fish on. I landed and released the rainbow and made a mental note of where I was, thinking if my destination was not producing I would come back here. Well, long story short, I ended up coming back as my other spot was a dead as a Norwegian Blue parrot being brought back to a certain pet store in Bolton. I anchored up near where I had landed the other two fish and proceeded to catch fish after fish.
I could see the schools direction of travel by where they were sipping bugs and splashing at the surface. A cast a few feet ahead and a couple strips and they hit the fly hard. It was almost too easy. I was literally calling when the fish wer going to strike. 3... 2... 1... HIT!..  and I was pretty close with my prediction many times over. At one point I went seven casts and seven fish. I lost count of the total number of fish caught but I'd say 30-40 or so.
All the fish were rainbow trout ranging from 12"-17" except one 17" brookie that decided to play and gave up a fantastic fight, and all were caught in six to ten feet of water.

It was just one of those days...

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