Monday, December 22, 2014

Down the fish hole

With the weather holding in the negative, but not too negative, I decided to get in some ice fishing before Christmas.
On Saturday I made it out to Cobb lake to find plenty of ice. With the wife and kids in tow we trekked out on to the ice and drilled a couple of holes. It wasn't long and we had a small brook trout to hand. A quick picture and it was back down the hole to its friends. We stayed for a couple of hours, the kids played on the ice and I watched a few more fish sniff my bait, but no takers. One even tried to eat my swivel just below the ice right in front of my face.

Today I went back to Cobb to try my luck again. I drilled a hole, near to where I was two days before. After about twenty minutes i could see a brookie swirling around my bait. I twitched it a couple times and watched the fish slurp it in. It doesnt matter how many times I have seen it, I love watching fish taking my offering. I set the hook and after a quick fight I had the first fish landed. I quickly dealt with the fish and had my hook back in the hole. Within minutes, and out of no where a good size brookie shot out from under the ice, smashed my offering and took off with my bait. Line was instantly peeling off my reel and my rod had a good healthy bend. This fish had energy and went on a few good runs.
The day ended with me enticing a few more fish but they decided they weren't hungry, just sniffed it.

Both fish I landed today were hooked just inches under the ice, in about 6 feet of water, and the bait of choice was procured shrimp. I did pump the stomach of the fish and found lots of mayfly nymphs, some shrimp and a water boatman. These fish were well fed.

Can't wait to get out again, and neither can my youngest daughter.

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