Saturday, July 5, 2014

Salvaging a Reel

Im going to preempt this post with the fact I am a rookie when it comes to wood working, metal work etc. Its not very often I take on such as this but I thought of it as an adventure as well as something to do while not working due to the teachers strike.

Anyway, I took my daughters crabbing at belcarra on a nice sunny day a few weeks back and had a blast catching bullhead, flounder and some decent size crab. There was an old abandoned sailboat there that the city was about to tow away for the scrap yard. Another gentleman was already working on salvaging the kicker motor off the back and I spotted an old wooden reel. I grabbed the reel off the doomed vessel (I was told it was ok as the lot was headed for greener pastures). It was in rough shape but I had time on my hands.

After many hours of sanding, polishing, drilling, disassembling and reassembling I turned out a half decent product. I have no intention of using this reel (although it is still a functional reel) but I thought it might look good on display. Everything in it is original except the handles, which were random wooden knobs I had to purchase and alter to fit.
Kind of a fun, cool project.

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