Thursday, June 5, 2014

West Coast day off

Well since my kids and I had the day off due to the current teachers strike, we decided to head to belcarra for a few hours. We took the crab traps and let them soak for a few hours and fished while we were waiting too.

There were a few other people fishing and crabbing too. One little boy caught a nice big flounder about 10 inches long, maybe more. Boy was he excited! Another couple of kids caught a bunch of herring just under the dock. As for us, we caught a couple small greenling and a small flounder. Enough to keep my kids occupied and happy. As for the crabs, my eldest daughter and I were having a little derby to see who caught the most. Usually she catches more but not this time. I brought in a grand total of 9 crabs (one of which was of legal size) and she brought in 6 crabs and a starfish. A couple of her crabs were within millimeters of being legal size.

A good day out, lots of beautiful sun and a tasty treat to take home in the end.

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