Saturday, March 23, 2013

Como family fishing

A bit late but better late than never.

Well Como Lake was stocked with about 500 rainbow trout on Thursday, so I decided to take my two girls fishing yesterday. We set up on one of the docks and cast out. It was a nice day out,  with a bit of sun,  but the weather was playing tricks that day. There had been a bit of unexpected snow earlier in the day and the weather seemed to be a little bipolar.
Anyway,  embracing the up and down weather we sat and waited for the fish to  bite. Now these are stocked fish,  so they aren't too bright. We fished just off the bottom with a sliding weight,  a size 10 hook and a bit of red and chartreuse power bait. It didnt take too long and we had a bite. Unfortunately we were not paying close enough attention and my eldest daughter just missed on the hookset. Shortly after the other rod produced the only fish of the day which my youngest reeled in. She was quite excited and eagerly touched the side of the fish with her outstretched pointer finger and a giggle. The fish was unhooked,  a quick picture was taken and it was promptly released  back into the lake.
We stayed another hour and had a few more  bites until it was time to go home for dinner.
All in all,  not a bad day on the lake.

On a side note,  I was glad to see they changed the retention limit in that lake for the upcoming season to 2 instead of 4. It gets fished out by the meat fishermen far too quickly after it is stocked and the local kids dont get much of a chance.

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